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i was just in the break room getting something to drink and i noticed that the new person already had an inbox, and their timecard was in there, so i grabbed it to see what they looked like, cause all i had heard was that he was an old freind of romi's and that he was kind of effeminate (this from david)


XD it's someone i went to highschool with!

;u; only .. i don't really remember him, like if we got a long or not! XD i just remember his face and that he was in band and that he was in the wizard of oz as an elf munchkin or something.

what i do remember is that i didn't really like any of the minor caste for wizard of oz (i was stage manager) cause we had to let a large part of the band be things like munchkins or extras, cause wizard of oz has so many crappy parts we didn't have enough using every single theatre class. :'D i also remember (i think) that there was some kind of weird rivalry between theater and band.

XD i was totally expecting this 60 year old black queen who would know much about life and spout old skool nuggets of wisdom like a mammi figure :'D

blah the 'intern' is here, now my freaking day is complete ;u; (not)

ps - i caught a glimpse of myself in the reflective window of my office and i looked all cool and wild (like something ethereal) :o it was awesome! but when i looked again, i just looked all crazed with poofy half blow dried hair and circles under my eyes TuT
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