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doesn't that bring back memories?



i share this computer (at home) with my brother and neice, so tonight i made user profiles for them and myself (i don't know why). now i have to go through program files and such and refind all the programs i use on an everyday basis that for some reason aren't listed in the start menu.

we were supposed to put the christmas tree up today, but everyone just lazed about. i played a lot of ffx-2. it's so damn slutty, i love it more then life itself.
XD it makes me wanna draw some dumb ffx-2 parodie comics, the kind with huge boobs and thongs.. thongs a plenty.

i should write something about reno, but i don't really know what.

the trip itself was boring and i played my gameboy the entire flight.

getting there and finding out that jessica actually lived within driving distance of where i would be staying was awesome beyond the telling of it.

class was crap (and then some) i already knew everything that was being taught, so it was really like a refresher course, which i didn't really need since i was just recertified a few months ago and most everything is still fresh in my mind. i scored a 100% on test one and a 92% on test two. on the plus side, there was internet access in class, so i got to get online and check some stuff out like livejournal and oekaki central (i drew crappy crap while i was supposed to gbe studying). also a big big big plus, i didn't have to stay the entire week, since our station only inquiries (even though i know how to do all the entries XD). so that left me a whole day to spend with jess and theron.

;u; of course i ended up sleeping intill about 6pm and wasted almost the whole day.

leaving reno was nice :'D

i missed my flight, but got on one leaving 30 minutes later, so it was no big. i wish i had gotten up earlier so i had had time to see jess before i left. but supposedly me and simon are going to be going up to visit her in dec/jan so that's cool.

speaking of simon :')

.. his mom beat him up side the head with a frying pan till the white meat could be seen.

XD really, so .. now he's coming back to vegas. i guess. i don't know, he hasn't called me back since i was in reno.


his phone might be dead or something, since he was all homeless and prolly didn't have time to grab the charger.

who knows.

:'d i can't believe how old i am and how much things have changed. XD jessica is going to marry theron. simon is a bloody beaten ho in new mexico. i'm like .. mature (still single though XD) and god only knows what everyone else is doing since we've all fallen out of touch.

:o i feel though, as if i moved forward in time and became a different person, but at the same time i am suddenly moving back in time and becomeing who i used to be. only i am my(old)self+ cause i know more then i used to. i don't know if that makes sense. maybe i need more cats :'D

ps - started reading wolves of the calla (also reading imajica still)

XD ah! on my flight back into vegas i sat in front of this really annoying guy. he talked the entire trip. and all he did was talk about being an asshole and how him and his brother and his friends (his friends all had nicknames like stretch, buddy, skippy, and stinky -- no lie) went to bars and started fights with people for no reason. and the awesome part about that was that they all were such "playas" that they knew all of the bouncers, so they never got introuble for being fuck heads.

:'D and there was this dumb girl like sitting with him just agreeing and making (unappealing) slutty noises of excitment and agreement to everything he said.

:') i kinda prayed that our airplane would crash in a firey ball of doom and only those two would be killed.

but it didn't happen.
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