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;u; teh library?! (libraries = teh sex?)

XD getting online at the library is weird.

and they don't have .. eh, good settings? XD the live journal menu wont show and everything is out of place. :o i had to use the sorcery of dark wizards to get to this update screen (no lie).

;u; oh man, today was my last day of training, and i totally just fucked off in class. i caught up on like 5 months of mchall and pvp. XD i wanted to read mega tokyo, but the site was restricted (;o;?!@?!?!one?!!22) then i got onto oekaki central and drew a crappy picture in the club house XD!!

:o then!

XD it was time to take the final test and i was like YAY, but then i got the actual test in front of me (ten questions) and my mind went totally blank. (really .. XD this has never ever happened to me before.) i think ;u; maybe i know what it's like to be simon now (?!?! :o) XD so then i was all like "2+2= fish" XD and that has absolutly nothing to do with criminal justice at all. :o so i was like second to last to finish my test and then when i turned it in the teacher called me back up to "talk" about my test.

XD swear to god i nearly threw up.


so i went and talked to her and she asked me about a couple of my answers because they weren't technically wrong, but they weren't really rght either, so i explained what i tried to mean to her, and she let me correct two answers, but docked me 3 points on one, and then 2 points on another. (i blame the -2 on shonda, cause the question was on YQ's and she trained me on YQ's and she never mentioned anything about putting an unique identifing number in the ATTN field .. ever.) so i scored a 92% :'D XD and then my teacher was like "is that ok?" like i was going to challeneger her for the last 8% or something, but i was just glad i had passed, so i was like "TuT yes, that's super happy max!" XD not really, but that was the gist of it.

:o there are a lot of people at the library. a lot a lot. XD the last time i was in a library like this (about 12-17 years ago XD!) no one came to the library, ever. :o wtf happened?

XD i'm tired. and i'm glad all this crap is over and i passed. :o now i just wanna go home and play some goddamn FFXI or FFX-2 (if its come yet ;u;)
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