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the criminal justice systems of america = early stage magi sytem (via EVANGELION)

XD!! it's true. they even showed us a diagram of how it's all set up.

anyway. :o! today is my last day of class!


XD someone got their wires crossed and i don't have to stay the whole week. (yay~! <3 ;u;)

:o but!

i still have to stay in reno/carson until friday cause my room is paid till then and my flight back isn't until friday XD (is it some kind of evil karma?)

;o; i won't have any type of internet after today though
:'0 woe is me..

XD maybe i will look around to see if there is some kind of creepy internet cafe here? :'D do they even still have internet-cafe-type-things anymore? XD i am so not internet suave .. (insert more nerdy tears here)

:'d i only got like 2 hours of sleep last night. i don't really know how .. cause i got in early (like 12a) XD then i thought i was going to be late to class today, but i got in like right on time. :o nearly everyone else was late though!
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