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give it to me, don't give it away (your hot white come ;u;?!)

XD i've been listening to my tori amos - scarelt's walk cd everytime i end up going somewhere outside of vegas. it's like i'm going on a spiritual journey with tori and scarlet *o*, not really, but maybe :'d?

"you have come to discover what you want"
what i want is not to want what isn't mine
"but i am desire" when it all is said and done

tori amos - another girl's paradise

XD this rings too true with me. why?! ;u;?!

sometimes i feel like something that died, but didn't know. so now i'm just this empty thing that doesn't belong anywhere, and i can't figure out why i feel so detached from everything.

:o yea.

XD i'e been drawing in this sketch pad my mom gave me a couple months ago and pretty good! i drew my yume and kyuumu iRO characters. and one grubby sketch of my FFXI character (that came out better then the oekaki i had attempted). what i fear is that i'm getting reaquainted with drawing on paper and that's just taking me farther away from oekaki then i already am right now.

TuT i need a computer brain, or something

ps - what the hell is up with oekaki central ? XD
i don't like the picture links on pictures, it looks clumsy and childish -- and ;u; i don't understand them unless i float the mouse over them. also they just look out of place on the side of the image how they are.

pps - shufu better be getting me a meow ligual for xmas XD!
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