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who can love you and still be standing?

the good things about reno:

1) i don't have to go to work
2) jessica is here
3) simon is not here (;u;)
4) from the "freeway" (my quotes are full of sarcasm) i saw like 4+ really big book stores in the reno, reno area.
5) there's like every type of fast food place in carson and they're all on the same dumb street so even though i don't really wanna eat fast food, i have a choice of places as to where i don't want to eat. :'D

the bad things about reno:

1) it's reno
2) i have to go to training every day at 8am
3) it's not that big so i might run into one of simon's ex-boyfriends who doesn't like me (and i don't really like him XD) and who is now a scary drag queen named Ebony La-House-somethingsomething, and is not black.
4) carson city is built around a street, so the "freeway" (highway?) actually turns into the main street for carson, which is really confusing (also there aren't many signs that point this out, or where carson is)
5) FFX-2 comes out today, and i'm not at home where i can track my copy & the computers here have an internet block that doesn't allow gamestop.com
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