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;u; even cornpigs get the blues ..

i just spent forever reading shufu's entry about the cornpigs instead of paying attention to my teacher XD!!

TuT i was also 20 minutes late to class today..

i got up at 6am and decided it was safe for me to sleep in till 630 since class wasn't until 8a, but the alarm on my phone didn't go off at 630 when it was supposed to so i ended up sleeping until 7a (:'D!!), so i got out of the hotel at 740 and was like "yes! i will make it to class on time, cause it's only like a 5 minute drive to the training department, but!! my goddamn rental car was all iced up. and it took like 17 minutes to get enough of the ice off of the windows to be able to see enough to drive (though not enough to really drive safely XD).

yes, so about 3 days before this trip my boss was telling me all about carson and some other crap, and she mentioned how it sucked that i had to go alone, then she said "but you have friends all over the place, so you prolly have a friend up there that you can hang out with." XD and i was like eh .. i don't know anyone in reno, i hate reno. but! XD then like the night before i left simon calls and he tells me that he finally got ahold of our friend jessic and that she is living in reno (XD jesus loves me!).

;u; so i finally got to see jessica after 2 years!

*o* it was so awesome. at first i was kind of like quesy cause i kept thinking, what if we're both so different now that we don't really have that much in common and its all silent and akward? XD but it wasn't it was like we had never been apart.
we went and had some delicious pizza and just talked and talked. XD and i don't even know what we really talked about, cause nothing has really changed in my life since she moved away.
then we ended up at her house and watched some tv and simon called, so we all kinda got to talk to one another. ;u; and me and jessica made fun of simon together

-u- ah, good times..

ps - i'm only getting like 3 or 4 hours of sleep each night XD and im taking those horrible caffeine pills

:o <- what a junkie
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