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beans have no borders

XD i just spent 4 hours deleteing and recreating my FFXI character so i could get onto the bahamut server with mykul .. and i'm still not on it!! ;u;

XD i got put on my original server quezoctyl 3 times, siren atleast 7 times, diablos 4 times, shiva once (almost stayed there, just cause i like shiva), shakira (?) twice, carbuncl (it might have been something else, that started with a c) 4 times, unicorn 5 times, frenrir 2 times, ragnarok 3 times, and a couple of other servers i can't remember the name of cause i only got on them once, but never bahamut TuT ..

XD and now that i think about it, i prolly could have sold all my items and spell scrolls (i had 4 high lv spells each worth about 300gil) on quezoctyl and gotten a world pass myself (unless they don't work that way? :o)

so far i have done jack shit to get ready for this training trip.

XD oh wait, i lie, i went and deposited the check they gave me to pay for junk and got some money out of it. but other then that, i have not washed anything or even started to think about what to take as far as clothes and other necc. like styling products and soap XD!

i'm prolly gonna end up dirty and whored out in carson just wandering the streets like a idiot. ;u; joy~!

ps - i can't draw for crap anymore, so i'm gonna study to become and astronaught.

pps - i finally got a chance to watch shufu's sailormoonS the movie :') now i can die (semi)happy (still have not watched the that last tape of hana yori dango)
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