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lord of the dance does not look at all interesting ..

was gonna write something crazy/sexy/cool, but too tired now.

FFXI = fun :3 (finally XD), doesn't really seem like a final fantasy game though ..
also graphics are not as good as FFX as i read somewhere.

XD i got charged for FFX-2 today, so i'm hoping that means its coming soon.

;u; i might be at goddamn training though .. (i don't wanna go!)

talked with shufu about comic today, then msn had a seizure and by the time i got it to work again it was time for me to go home (also no one was signed on).
seriously need to write things down, maybe do an outline or something. XD also need to see about this yuyuhakasho crap ..

also need to finish lines in the coloring book before sunday saturday. or decide if i wanna just kill the picture all together.
also need to get better at shi (i will do this or die trying)

*o* i hope i get paid today (XD i can't keep track of the weeks when i get a check) after doing the bills last night i think i might have like $500 left in my dumb account. XD i don't think that's right, but i dont wanna pull out a calculator and do the real math to be sure.

k, gotta go, gotta go read some imajica before bed, before it gets any later or i'll never get up for work (i've been late for the last two weeks ;u;)
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