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i got $10. $10 and a dream of arbies french dip.

i want to be ultra fabulous at shi painter.


:'d i think i will look into getting kawa a mini tablet for xmas.

XD them make her pchat with me (too the max!)

i watched the craziest movie last night. it was called "The Happiness of the Kuratas" or something like that.
XD it was like a japanese musical/comedy/thriller/action/suspence/drama/horros movie. it was about this guy who moved his whole family out to the middle of no where to open a guest house. only all there guest keep dying. and not wanting to get a bad rep as the guest house where people die, the family hides the bodies. XD only a big road is being built near the guest house, right through the area where they keep hiding the bodies. there's other stuff about the family thinking the son is killing people cause he's like a 'low life' or something.
:'D my favorite part was at the end, when everything turns out ok and the families love for one another magicly moves the guest house out of the way of an erupting volcano, then grampa dies (and goes to heaven) ;u;~!

ps - does anyone remembr those little wind up fishing games where you had to "catch a fish" by getting a little magnet into a plastic fishes opening and closing mouth? TuT those were my favorite things when i was little. i found one today when i was looking for deoderant (walgreens does not stock the scent of dove roll on i use, the bastards.)
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