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FFXI update 001

XD (insert a lot of swearng here)

ok, so i wake up and my email is telling me things, like 'track your package' so i do, and it tells me that my package was delivered today, but only not really.

so i call them, and fedex kind of accuses me of being a conjurer of the black arts who has the ability to shift his house from one reality to another. mostly they can't find my address, hence my address does not exist, hence my house does not exist, hence i do not exist (se the whole bit about black arts).

so i tell them i'll go pick the package up (i've been to the fedex place like 50 times cause they're kinda .. stupid)

yes, so that all took about 3 hours. time is now, 5pm-ish.

so finally get home and start installing FFXI

time: 630pm

XD it's like 5 disks, and it takes about an hour or two to install crap from the disks.

cause first you have to install playonline crap (they seem to insist on adding these dumb ass extra steps .. *has unhappy feelings towards playonline*) then you have to sign up with playonline, and pay playonline.


you install FFXI (and the extension pack thing) and register with FFXI, and then link my FFXI info with playnline info

XD then more installing (this part was a bitch) had to download patches or something, it took forever, then when it was 96% done it stopped and told me i had run out of space on my hard drive, so i had to delete some junk and start bover (the second time around it took even longer)

:'D then ..

XD my video card wasn't hip enough to play FFXI (;____; what?! why????~!)

so i had to go out and buy a new video card.

i was kind of pissed off about this, but~ i had been meaning to do this anyway, so i got it, installed it ect.. (it has a video out port so i think i may be able to record crap off the comp now? i dunno.)

time: 1030pm

so what time was it when i got everything done, and set up and i got to play?

time: 1200am


so yay, i get to play, only .. i don't know what the hell im doing. so i wander around (and this is not easy cause i cant get the mouse to do what i want and angels are weird) and i end up getting lost in the stupid city which is like a maze and i have a map (only i dont know how to use it) but it doesn't have like anything mapped out? :'D so i finally find this little warp guy who thankfully sends me back to where i started and it turns out that the way out to the field) that i needed all along was like right behind me when i first started out.

so i got to go out and kill things, eh, that was ok. i played fill about 4am and got to lv 4.

XD so after a very long time of just hitting buttons and reading (a lot of reading) i had figured out some stuff, like how to access the maps and use them and how to see my stats (you would not believe how long that took XD)

hm .. so at first, with all the installing / setting up and crap, i didn't think i was going to like it that much.
after getting used to the controlls and playing for a little bit, warmed up to it more.

still like iRO more, but i think once i get to play some more (and get some nifty equipment?) i might really like it.
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