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where's my trailer? i need water! fill my trailer with water.

i was totally laying in bed reading (more princess diaries, i broke down and bought the newest hard cover :'D) and usually doing this makes me sleepy and i fall asleep, but tonight it's not working. i don't think my body likes to go to bed before 3am anymore.

i think i'll plug in the gamecube and play some resident evil 0, i started the mini game you get for beating the full game but died rather quickly when i walked into a room of hunters with only a handgun.

XD my mom made us watch finding nemo (again! we've seen it like 10 times) ad then her and my brother fell asleep and one of them is laying on the remote for the dvd player so now it's just playing the menu over and over, and those godamn fish won't shut up :'D
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