☆ STARCROSSED PIMP (yume) wrote,

like ... that one time

:l im at home alone, i wanna go out and get something to eat, but i know the moment i do everyone will come home and get angry cause i wet and got food with out them.


i will go get food, it'll be crappy, i'll eat it anyway and feel like crap, then everyone will come home and want to go to my favorite place to eat, only i'll be full of crappy food and won't be able to enjoy it ..

:'D i'm such a pessimist.

:d i've been having these "how did i get here?" thoughts lately. usually that's a good thing, cause i'm in such a good situation that i wonder how did all this great stuff happen XD but lately i've been in these boring (adult?) situations and i find myself wondering what i did that got me so far away from the good stuff.

the other night we went to jerrys after midnight (cause i had just gotten off work) and a couple table down there were these jrhigh/high school whores flirting with the dirty mexican help.
XD and even though i wouldn't have wanted to neccessrily trade place with them (for they were not hos of the good variety) but i couldn't help but think that 8 years ago (jesus im old) when i was in highschool i was doing the same thing (only at a better resturants and with non dirty mexican help) every single night. and now i work every single night at a job i don't really enjoy anymore, and when i do go out its for nessecity (food) and not for fun.

i think i need to go ho it out on freemont street under a freeway over pass to liven things up a bit ;u;
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