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i said "mm, hmm."

late late late, i'm always late. :'D

i was late for work today, like 15 minutes, but the timeclock said only 7. then i played iRO all day :'D i sniped a lot of things in mt mijorn (sp?) then i was taking this guy i kind of know to make juice and we met up with ghosting and angeling (at the same time XD) and i killed 4 giant whispers. so awesome XD they each did about 30% EXP then i got us lost (for some reason i was taking us to alberta) hm what else ..?

when i got off work (bleh .. work) we went and got my mom something to eat and on the way home the freeway was closed off, so we ended up on a detour, which instead of leading back to the free way lead to another detour XD (wtf?) then it led into another detour (ForealZ) :'( then there were these three kittens living in this back street (in an area thats full of bussinesses no homes) and my brother wouldn't get out of the car and get them. the street was really busy cause of all the detours and they were trying to cross when we came through. so i made him give them one of his tacos, cause he is a bastard.

XD the other day we were making fun of mexicans (like you do) and we started talking about what mexican eat for break fast. no! wait! :o

XD we were talking about how fat my brother is, and i asked him if he could like eat rice for breakfast, and then we started making fun of asians (like you do) which somehow turned into making fun of mexicans (like you do) :'D so we were wondering what mexicans ate for breakfast, a traditional mexican breakfast (we're total bastards) and we started naming off mexican foods like tacos and burrits and enchiladas. XD then i said they prolly ate breakfast enchiladas, where they replaced the meat and junk with eggs and bacon.

:'D then we decided that would prolly be delicious (goddamn those mexican genes we have! XD)

so then we started making up a recipe (a real one) for how to cook some breakfast enchiladas

:') we're going to try to cook them next saturday.

i watched tru calling today, it was alright. predictable (a lot, a lot, a lot), but alright. eliza dushku should have did a buffy spin off, unless something exciting happens soon :'D

ps - i think cathy (from work) may need to be let go :'D she hasn't retained any type of knowledge (ever, and when i say ever i mean since she was born) and what we do isn't that hard XD

pps - XD i sent this to a iRO community the first time i posted it :'D
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