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i have natural robot flavourings :3

:3 meeting shufu tomorrow!

:'d today was weird, like a sick day or something. i was supposd to get up around 12 so i could go pay a bill, but my alarm is still set wrong, so i didn't wake up till 3pm and the place closed at 330pm, so i stayed in bed (i had been up till 10am the day/night before). then when i got up the kids where here, then sammy, then kevin, then my mom, then nicole XD so it was kind of loud.

so after everone left, i 'de-haired' my stupid arms XD and it really hurt cause i hadn't done it in a while, and i washed some clothes. XD i don't have any clean clothes! well i do, but they're all really old or really crappy. since we started wearing uniform things at work i have been getting really lazy with what i wear. i was gonna just be lazy and wear this sweater thing i got in california, but we're gonna play some DDR and i think i might die (foRealZ) in a sweater.

:d shufu said to curl my hair tomorrow, but i'm feeling like a bastard, so i don't know if i will.

XD i want to get FFXI, but i want the ps2 version so i can take it to work. i don't really wanna install anything new on the computer at work. but then, can the ps2 version be patched? the thing i read online said the online PC version came with a bonus disk that lets you go to knew places and get extra crap (in game). also, if i save, does it save to the computer or does it save to a server somewhere since its online? iRO saves to a server somewhere, so it doesn't matter which computer i play from. if FFXI saves to the computer then i could only play at home, which would suck.

:'D i should be worrying about paying my bills or something important, but i'm all like "D:!!" over game junk.

i'm such a jerk (or maybe super cool *o*?)

bleh i have to go check the dryer.

ps - i got a romantic flower today :3! at first i almost walked away from it cause i thought it was just the normal dead plant sprite, but then i noticed it was a ribbon, so i grabbed it and was like .. "man i have to walk to morroc and get a mag to see what it is .. dumb accessoy" XD then i remembered i was a merchant (like 10 minutes later) and didn't need a mag.

dude, if house dust is 90% dead skin cells does that mean dark skinned people have darker house dust then white people :'D?
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