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hello kitty is my great great grandma (really)

I'm trying to get all my Livejournal friends' locations plotted on a map - please add your location starting with this form.
(Then get your friends to!)

tired tired tired.

i set my alarm wrong yesterday, so i was like an hour late to work. so it's 1am and i was supposed to get off work at midnite, so i call my boss and she tells me that she sent out a memo saying i was to come in at 5pm and work till 3am. bleh, so i had to stay even longer.

i decided to start my third and last character slot on iRO. i became an archer.

so i'm on loki as:

yume the seraphim -> wizard
kyuumu the seraphim -> merchant
kyuumuei the seraphim -> archer

when i started playing i never really gave any of the other character slots any thought, but after i made my merchant to sell my junk, i decided to go with the three sisters.

they're roughly based on the norns (think belledandy, skuld, & urd from oa megami sama) or the three aspects of womanhood entwined in the hecate mythos. each one represnts a time or period.

kyuumu (urd) the past or fate

yume (verdandi) the present or being

kyuumuei (skuld) the future or necessity

within the story Caffeine Angels yume is the angel of dreams who reincarnates on earth with no memories of her life as a heavenly being. she meets up with some other earthbound angels and tries to live a normal life (or as normal as it gets in this type of story). only when things start to get good for her she finds out that she's not the real yume. she's a copy of the original yume, the original angel of dreams, kyuumu.

the kyuumu (real yume) appears on earth one day after having awoken from a long nap and she's come back to reclaim her self and her title as the angel o dreams. to do this she has to destroy her replacement. get back at the head of the line as it is. so there's a huge battle and yume and kyuumu end up destroying one another. but love brings yume back to her friends only she isn't really the same as before. there's some of kyuumu in her now.

yume ends up pregnant (immaculate conception and all that) and gives birth to a third version of herself, a girl that is a mergance of yume and kyuumu, kyuumuei.

a lot of stuff happens (before and) after that, but that's really the only time all three of them are together in that story.
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