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:d i was going to buy a clip for 290k on iRO only i needed like 10k more so i went to go sell some junk (i always have junk now a days) and the wekkly maintenance disconnected me.
XD now i prolly will never find this guy again, and i'll have to spend an additional 50k for a clip.

:'d my plan is to get a heal clip, either buy one already made (around 1.4 million) or buy a clip then a card, which is about 680k

or .. if while i am saving up money i see one for cheap, buy a bone wand. then start saving up for heal clip again. i doubt this second part will happen since the cheapest bone wand ive seen was i million +

the economy is really fucked up on iRO

i think i will draw something while iRO is down.

crap trillian still isn't signing into MSN
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