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XD i read vol 1-3 of the princess diaries in like 35 hours!


:d so last night my mom had planned the whole day out (from say 200pm-700pm). we were supposed to all be ready to by 300pm (i am never ready when i'm supposed to be, especially if it means getting up before 200pm on my day off) and then take the kids to go get pumpkins and like go eat and crap, then come back to the house and i dunno, work on the give away crap some more.

so i'm getting ready and it's like 255pm and no ones home. usuallu the kids start getting to the house around 130pm. :d so since no one was there, i decided to curl my hair. XD so it's 345pm and still no ones home (i don't know why my hair took 45 minutes to do today .. lately i've been getting it done in like 20 minutes or less). so i call my mom and she tells me that she's waiting at community college (charelston) for my brother. so i'm like "... ok". the night before my brother had asked me to come gte him at 12am (thats noon right? anyway..) but they had lent my truck to kevin and he hadn't brought it back. so i had told him to call kevin and have him bring the truck back into town today. (kevin doesn't have a job or anything, so i knew he prolly didn't have any plans. not that i'm saying he is a lazy good for nothing, there are circumstances as to why he doesn't have a job, mostly health issues and such). so then my brother says he doesn't need a ride. so i was like, great. cause i don't like driving all the way up to the college when i dont have to, plus it meant i could sleep in longer.
:o so back to my mom. she's all paranoid that my brother is going to wreck on his bike and kill himself cause of a seizure. and the doctor had just put him on a new medication that made him really drowsy, so that's like two strikes againts the bike. XD so she's out there waiting and trying to call him on his cell (this whole post might turn into a rant about my brother and what an ass he is). i'm at home waiting for anyone to show up (i dont like to be in my house alone, we have ghosts or something) and i can hear something like humming. :d so great, XD but then it turned out to be my brothers phone, he had left it on the computer desk under some papers. (XD i pay like 75+ a month so my mom can get a hold of him whenever, or he can call us if hes sick and he never takes his phone with him, or he turns the ringer off) so i answer and tell her what a loser my brother is, she tells me she is waiting 10 more minutes then coming home.
so another 40 minutes later i am still at home alone and contemplating whether i should put some make up on or something (anything) so i can just hang out in the well lit bathroom and listen to the radio (i really love just hanging out in my bathroom and messing around with the radio on :'D). so my mom calls on the house phone and asks if the kids are there, and if im ready to go ( i was ready like an hour and a have ago), but the kids aren't here and its like 400pm (they have to leave at 500pm). so she says she'll call nicole and see whats up. XD so then there's all this noise in the front room and i think it's my mom coming in to the house (she always calls on her cell like 3 minutes away from the house and then continues talking to you until she's in the house and your standing face to face), but it's my idiot brother, so i give him the phone.

XD that asshat was at the other college, the one down on cheyenne. and he kept insisting that he had told my mom where he was going today.

bleh, so i told them to both shut up about it (cause i was tired of hearing about whos fault it was after 10 minutes of back and forth blame). so my mom gets home like 20 minutes latter and says she can't get ahold of the kids or nicole and none of them came into town today. so i say too bad for them, lets go eat. i have little to no patience for my family by then.

so we eat, and i say lets go to a movie or something since the kids arent with us and we have no plans, but my brother says he cant cause he has to go home and do this assignment he's been putting off (i really don't like him today as it is :'D) so my mom agrees, cause she always agrees with him (XD) so then i say well lets go to target (it was across the street) and get a scary movie or something to watch at home, so at first my mom is like "no, imtired" then my brother says he needs to get some picture paper, so then my mom wants to go. (XD goddamn it)

so we go and my brother takes off and me and my mom cant find him. so then we find him and he says we need ink for the printer, only he doesnt know which kind. (i fucking hate buying ink for the printer :'D it cost like 70+ buck sometimes and i never print anything out. so why should i have to pay for the goddamn ink? XD) so i have to go find the ink and try to remember which kind we need (we have an HP and they all have numbers and i know we're like 14, 15, 17, 48, 74, or 84 :'D) luckily they had a little printer index with pictures of all the printers and then a listing of what ink cartridges go with that machine. so then my mom is missing :'D! so we go looking for her and can't find her. so then my brother leaves too. :D i had the car keys though, so i knew if anything i would be driving home with or without them.

:d eventually i found them though ..

:o target has a hello kitty cd player shaped like hello kitties head! it looks so cute, but i'm pretty sure it plays crappily. the last two sanrio cd players ive gotten have been total ass. ;u; i still want it though.

:d i bought akira at target. XD i didn't really get akira until like the very very end. and even then i could be wrong. :d but i didn't really pay attention to it as i was finishing up a princess in love XD
we also got the simpsons treehouse of horror dvd. it starts at treehouse 5 though, and doesn't say its a second volume, which was confusing. it was cool though.

hm so im getting ahead of myself.

so we get home and i go to check my merchent to see if i sold anything while we were out. and i had and i needed to restock some crap, so i started doing that, and needed something from my bedroom. me brother runs over to the computer and asks if im done. i tell him no, im coming right back (he's been monopolizing the computer all week for dumb shit like online checkers when he should have been doing his project) so then he whines that he has to do his homework. so my mom is all like "let your brother do his homework" XD so this pisses me off, cause this is my computer. i paid for it and all the crap on it, plau i pay for the internet connection (and crappy aol even though we have a diff ISP so my brother can keep his email address) i should be able to get on it anytime i want right?
i bought my idiot brother a $3000 laptop just so we wouldn't be fighting over the computer and what does he do. well he certainly doesn't take care of it does he? :'D so i'm already pissed off at him so i told my mom what an worthless idiot he was and she tells him she will drive him to the library so he can use a computer there. only by then i had closed out of prety much everything i had been doing online. so i told them they better not fucking go anywhere, cause if anyone was leaving it was going to be me. so my mom is trying to lay a guilt trip on me and is being really nice to me saying i can stay on the computer ect ect. :'D but i'm not having it and finish up my stuff and go sit across from her and read my book (which is prolly why i finished)

:'D then .. the bastard doesn't even get on the computer for like 70 minutes, after whineing to my mom that he needed it right that moment. instead he goes off and starts building this panel display ting for his project.

:d so i gave my mom really dirty looks and let all the cats lay with me on the couch (which makes her mad, cause the cats love me and not her :'D)

D: but then my plan of evil looks and guilt backfired and i fell asleep on the couch (damn warm and snuggly cats) and when i woke up my mom had gone to bed, and i it was like midnight and i was wide awake.

:d the last couple of weeks i've been imagining myself in my own place with out my mom and brother.

XD i think this is why.

only i don't really see the point of moving out. in the long run it just seems like more bills to pay. plus i would have to buy crap for a new place, :o i think i would rather just stay here and make everyones life miserable.

is that wrong?
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