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there are no words to say

:l i've gotta start actually doing my job, when i'm at work.

*got interrupted*

shonda like never leaves :o heh, ever since she became supervisor, she's all like super-supervisor. it'll prolly burn off pretty soon though. there isn't much glory in actually being a supervisor here, which is why i never really pursued the position myself. we all do the same amount of work around here pretty much, being supervisor here only means that when something goes wrong your the first person that gets complained to (or about).

hm .. yes, so about work..

i've become so jaded from working here, that lately i've just been coming in and sitting here in front of the computer, mostly drawing, sometimes answering the radio, never typing in the daily log like i'm supposed to.

so, um i think ill start doing that now, before someone realizes and fires me or something. :)
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