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i'm so old i can't even remember my own sign

:d blah blah blah, im really tired, but i don't want to sleep.

i was supposed to go to this halloween party tonight, but i snuck out of work early, went home ate a taco and watched some more angel. then got online for a little bit.

i'm like an old person.

:d that reminds me i think i'll go take some tylenol arthritis XD

X3 i got my full moon shogitshite (that is so prolly not the right word, but it sounds like that) XD i looked it up it's fullmoon wo sagashite. i was right it did sound exactly like that.

anyway, i got the dvd's today and they're not really labeled XD there are just printed pictures of the characters on them, so i had to like go through them all (a number of times) to watch them in order. :'D it's so freaking cute i wanna die.

X3! it's like if Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon and Kodomo no Omocha had magical sex babies. and the babies could sing.

:'D i want a sexeh shinigami cat boy to be all inlove with me damn it ..

i watched episodes 1-17 at work today, so i think i will have to watch them all over again, cause i couldn't really pay attention to the tv, so i got to read like 15 minutes of each episode and understood about a 1/4 of what was said when i wasn't looking. so i got the gist of what was going on, but couldn't really tell you what had happened.

ps - i was at work like 12 hours today :'D

XD oh yea, i got the first aid skill on iRO. it's so awesome. it used to take me 16 minutes to regen HP and now it takes about 5 minutes. and i regen SP so fast that it's doesn't even dent my SP (*o* i have 878SP)
:'d this makes me wonder, can i learn other skills not meant for mages/wizards? i actually started wondering this when i was in the prontera church a while back and the nun lady implied that i could learn holy light (i think all i needed was a rosary or something). i wanted to learn the play dead skill, but i couldn't find the knight guy i needed to talk to to get the card, or maybe it's just not possible :'D?
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