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where did you get that line from? .. anime?

:3 i love having curly sexeh hair ..

XD i spent all day collecting sticky mucus to trade for candy. i have about 100 peices now.

>:D i will stock pile this crap and then sell it for 500z when halloween is over! <- is a total bastard

for nisha:

Help with food - 200 pumpkins - reward is a piece of cake
Help with decorations - 25 jacko' pumpkins - reward is 1 dead branch
Help with tricks - 20 sticky mucus - reward is 5 candy
Help with prizes - 12 Little Evil Horns - reward 4 well-baked cookies
Help with presents - 222 jellopy, 222 fluff, 222 clover, and 1 mr.smile - reward mr. scream

:d i will posses a cake hat one day!

other then that, today was slow and boring. i was late to work cause i was curling my hair :'D, but romi is on till 5, so it didn't really matter. i didn't wear my uniform again, so i promised i would wear one tomorrow, but i really don't want to.

i like FLCL, but i think i'd rather watch Inu Yasha or CowBoy Bebop ..

my wizard has like 2 zeny :'D <- spends fake money like a crack whore

i want lasik surgery, but there's been all these reports and investigations into them that say it is not so hunkydory.

:'d i'd like to be 20/20 or better, but i would settle for something like needing reading glasses too XD i like wearing contacts, and if i could i would buy a bunch of different colored contacts and like wear a blue one with a hazel one :o i'm off the hizzle like that yo.

:d maybe i should go to bed and stop being a ho.

XD crap i forgot i put clothes in the dryer and now they're prolly all wrinkly.

>:0 damn the dryer, damn it and all it's children.

;u; the picture i drew on shufu's oekaki board got archived!

XD you can totally buy alcohol online without being carded?! <- just saw that on some news thing

blue gender is annoying, they need to get those yu gi oh guys up in there to duel with the blue or something.

:0 crap i'm going to bed, later foolZ
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