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then i guess we better get moving.

XD i had planned to draw some thing sexeh and with breasts today, but instead i played iRO and watched the diary of ellen rimbauer (sp?), my neighbor totoro, & down with love. :) i enjoyed all three. (XD my life won't be complete until i ride the cat bus!! and not the gross CAT bus here in vegas, i'd rather cut off my legs then ride that bitch.) ewan mcgregor was very thin, it was very sexy :'D

XD um what else ..

:'d more ragnarok crap, i spent forever in alberta cause of the halloween event. XD since there's maybe about 5 people in alberta at one time, the monsters that have spawned there just stay there and wander the streets, so i caught a warp (yay free warps!) over there and get to kafra, save and get whatever items i need, then blam i am dead when 3 familiars and one of the red type of bats gang up on me. :o then after that i was killed by on of those witch things, and a devi thing, and maybe a marionette? i forget, i died a lot. it was crazy like sluts

XD but! i did get like 7 poring cards today for some reason. also a lunatic card 2 fabre cards and about 6 unripe apples. i did that halloween quest for candy and a mr. scream. it really wasn't worth the mr. scream i don't think. its as much def as a mr. smile, only it looks uglier XD. getting the candy was cooly though. i don't know where to get pumpkins and i cant really get those jack pumpkin things cause i die :'D (damnit).

:d i set up my merch inside the geffen armory since there aren't as many people in geffen and i dont wanna get killed while im afk. XD it's weird seeing prontera streets (near the armory and item shop) empty. and then to see all those merchs packed in the various stores.

:d i'm not good with money, i had 100,000z and i bought a wand of occult from some cool guy who didn't know how much they cost and said he really didn't want it. XD i didn't know how much they were worth either, but one guy said 5 million (which is insane) so i gave the guy selling it an unamed drops egg too for being so cool. :'d i kinda thought it was the bone wand with the 4+ INT, but it's still nifty (even if it's basicly an unslotted arcwand with an extra 15 attack strength) XD yes, so then i was broke again, but i do good selling mage solutions (especially payon solution) and energy coat items, so again i had 100,000z and i spent it on a two handed ax for my merchent XD.

i started collecting the crap i would need for my merchs quest even though i'm only job lv 22. i didn't really know what i needed (just had a vauge idea that it was trunks of some kind and mushroom spores) but it turns out i only had like 5 trunks, and like 400 other kinds of trunks, the kind i didn't need XD. :'d i had more then enough mushroom spores and like an additional 200 poison mushroom spores, but XD i hadn't been collecting animal skins and passed up a bunch of really cheap pearls. and now sluts are selling pearls for 3 times as much.

romi told me all about this traiing i have to go too, it's like right before my thanksgiving vacation starts, so i go to training in reno, come back to vegas for like however long it takes to wash my clothes and pack extra stuff, then head to utah for thanksgiving with the family. :d it will be weird with out aunt geneal this year. the training crap sounds easy. romi didn't mention anything about roleplaying scenerios or any lame crap like that. this one time they tried to send me to a training course where they made everyone break into groups then like improve these scenerios infront of everyone else where you either played a victim of an accident or the 911 operator taking the call. XD and well, fuck that shit. heh. i did my 2 years of crappy theatre improve and now i'm not even in a profession where i should ever have to improve at all, so yea ..

;u; i bought a spiral curling iron on a whim last night (marykate and ashley brand!) and had enough time to use it today before work and XD! jebus, it's awesome. i've been looking for a way to get my hair into big soft curls that are like wavy, but regular curling irons suck ass, and the curls (which weren't like i wanted) would fall out after 20 minutes. and it took like 45 minutes to curl my hair. TuT it took me about 10 minutes to curl my hair with the spiral curling iron :D! and the curl was the cool big soft wavy kind i wanted :D! and it's lasted all freaking day XD!

<- lame o dork with cool wavey/curly hair
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