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my mother taught me to never kiss a fool!

:d i went to california and had a semi-okay time.

XD i don't like to sound like a whoring-bitch-who-complains-a-lot, but when you invite someone out of town, shouldn't you um, spend time with them?

my old boss david invited me to go to cali with him and shonda (also an old boss) so we go, and he hooks up with some guy at a club the first night we're there and spent the entire weekend with him. :'D so that like left me with shonda, and i love her dearly, but she is still only shonda, and we don't have much in common.

we went to magic mountain though, and did some lame-o shopping (can't not have fun when you're shopping right?) and did that whole beach thing that i don't really get, since the beach is dirty ad the water is dirty and the people on the beach and in the water look kind of .. dirty. :'D

jebus! i need to get down to a size 36 waist :o! X3 i wanna shop at lucky store and they don't really go over a 34 or something, but they had some 36's when i was there.

:d so that is my goal, XD

:o holy jebus i had this peach-y drink down at some weird T.G.I.F.'s and it was only like peach snaps and diet coke. if i ever become a drunk old lay with too much time and money i will drink this drink all the time. :o maybe i will be like that lady in great expectations?!

:d i also got my hair re-highlighted all cool like. i have the following colors in my hair now: black, brown, light brown, dark red, med red, dark blonde, and golden blonde.

XD my stupid phone wont work anymore, well kinda. it gets all dumb when i do text messeges now, and now i love sending text messeges.

hm what else ..?

:o i bought kingdomhearts for shufu, but i don't want to go to the post officve. i hate that post office place XD maybe more then i hate that von's that magic johnsons owns.

:o i don't think i will ever like clubs or bars.

i think .. to like these types of places you need to like; a) getting drunk and being an ass, b) dancing, c) [really] stupid people

and uh .. a) i physically can't get drunk (or high), b) i don't like to dance, c) i [really do] hate everyone

we wen't to this little hole in the wall gay bar thing in california and, bleh. just drunk fags everywhere. XD and .. i don't think i like fags (?!)
there was no room to move and the two dumb bitches i was with wanted to dance, so after i got my drink (which i didn't like) spilled on me two times, i went to go wait in the car.

:d maybe .. i am too sophisticated for bars? cause i really thought that place was a shit hole, but according to david and shonda it was like gay utopia, and i kinda expect them to knoa more about bars and clubs, since they go out a lot. i really don't feel all that sophisticate though. maybe i am just not reatarded?

XD oh man, when we were at magic mountain, there was a long line just to get in the parking lot and shonda was driving and she goes "what is this guy retarded?" talking about the guy taking the money for parking, and then when we got up there he really was retarded (:o but cute!) :'D so then shonda felt bad, and i laughed at her for being mean. she is such a dumb ho.
:D omj, and i found out that shonda s like david's version of simon. fo'realZ.
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