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this is all about iRO, so skip it if you want :'D

about god damn time

XD finally i am a wizard!

:'d now i don't really know what new skills to learn. so far i've gotten some nifty ones (effects wise) but i think i need to still focus on the ones im currently building, get fire wall and all that crap.

:d i thought the wizard were the guys in the purple, but i guess those are assasins? i think i kind of look like the boy version of a mage with the huge ass cloak, too bad it's not removable :'D

:o now no more playing till i get back from california ;u;

merch update thingy: XD i'm selling mage solutions like crazy (also energy coat items) the problem is, if i choose to be lazy and warp to morroc and payon for solutions, i only make about a 500z profit, when if i walked i would be making about 10,000z in profit :'D (plus picking up a buttload of bottles, which i need for potions and juices anyway) i really hate walking all the way to payon, even though it's not that far off from prontera.

:o! hey, what's in that area to the right of the map with all the yoyo's?, there's a guy standing out front and he warns you about strong monsters, but i walked all over that place and didn't meet up with anything? is that the place where you need those keys everyone is selling?

ps - today was a really good day for drops. i got a kurke card, 2 poring cards, thief bug egg card, yoyo card, a number of small lv 1 weapons (which i sold, cause i have a bunch of good slotted one already) some nice lv 2 armour-y things, about 5 solid shells, and 4 tames (two orange juices and 2 noxious herbs?, i use both orange juices and won one drops egg :D if you beat those bastards near to death the slot wheel goes really really slow X3)

hm, what good are all the birth stones? i've gotten a couple, but aside from the emerald i don't really know much about them or how much they cost..

pps - yoyo! the biatch was like wha?! and i was like yo. (or something)
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