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;u; i said fuck it and paid off my sony card so i could get a lap top before xmas

christ XD i hate doing bills

not the paying them part, cause hey, i enjoy electricty and credit cards and don't care about anything like aprs or whatever, cause i enjoy the convienence, but openeing all the goddamn bills and then having to sort through all the ads and trash promos.

we have 13 bills (really like 17, but my brother or mom takes care of them and they don't come with any extra junk). when you cut away all the fat, there's a tiny stack of papers about one millimeter thick. but what's left over fills a kitchen sized trash can. XD and it must weigh about 15 pounds (about the same weight as my brothers cat :'D)

wtf is that all about?

:'d if i didn't want to buy a pen that lights up and tells me the temperature or health insurance for my house plants the first 20 times i got my bill; i really don't want to buy them. stop sending me crap

save a fucking tree. jesus .. :'D

ps - i made about 70,000z on iRO today :'D
and i'm 90% away from my second class *o*!
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