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do it, and make it look real.

i finished neverwhere at work today. :d i like this gaiman guy. i can read his books in about 2-3 hours without getting a headache or .. bored. eh, except coraline, i only got a couple of chapters into that before i actually fell asleep. that could have been from mental exhaustion though :'D (damn bastards at work)

XD i've been playing some mad crazy ragnaork. i think i might need to take a small break. maybe do (play) something else ..

i made myself a merchant :'d it's pretty cool being able to kill things without magic. weird too, since i gage what i attack on how it responds to magic. also i don't have to use any sp unless i wanna examine something or set up shop, but even then it doesn't take that much. so cool.

XD also i can totally kill eggras with my mage now, and sohees (sp?) if i run a little.

:'d i bought FF tactics for GBA a week ago, and i don't think i like it. the fighting system is full of ass (like my brothers cat). when i had to go through that (goddamn) snowball tutorial (6 times .. kept forgetting to save) i kinda had hoped that it was just a really gay mini game (i have yet to actually like a mini game in any final fantasy ..) but jesus christ :'D

buying equipment is kind of a really big pain in the ass too. but maybe i am just really dumb/lazy :'D?

:o! i started watching angel season 2 when i got home tonight. mostly cause i bought season 1 and never watched it, then bought season 2 and uh, never watched it (except for the end of that one episode where angels butt gets shown, kinda). *o*! holy jesus, angel takes his shirt off like every 20 minutes per episode. sometimes more :'D

season 2 is a good season .. ;u; (<- is only on episode 5)

ps - how gay is lindsey (?) with his oh-look-at-me-and-my-big-plastic-hand? :')
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