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at this point lets all just be thankful we're all still alive.

:d more senseless nudity

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i cooked my mom and sammy beef stroganof (sp?) from one of their diet cook books. it was relatively easy, but it felt like it took forever cause i had to roll out the dumb meat balls and cook them very slowly so that they would remain meatballs and not fall apart and just be .. meat.

:d it came out pretty good. it was weird cause we've all become so used to eating out or picking up fast food. and there was a time when i did all the cooking, everynight.

i'm really glad i did not go to school to become a chef.

i like cooking and especially the eating of food and all, but i find doing it repeatedly boring.
maybe if i had a bakery or somehting where i got paid for cooking then, i'd like it.

everything is a slight more fun when you get money in return. :'D

then i played some more iRO :O!

XD i wanted to go do that bunny band quest, but nisha told me that you can only get a kitty band from smokies and i hate those raccoon bastards (they have caste sensor).
no one has a bone wand for sale anymore, so maybe if i save up enough money i will buy a kitty band. i read somewhere once that the most a mage can get in extra INT (from cards and armours ect) is 10-12 points, and i have +10 INT right now. if i had a bone wand i'd have +11 (if i had a bone wand and two earrings i'd have +13 i think XD? i dunno, maybe the thing i read was wrong or out of date), so now all i have to do is level up wherever i can, since i have close to the max INT boost.

enough of that though.

i bought these spiral curler things that i wanted to test run before i went back to work. on the box they appeared to be able to do large waves (which i love, but are a hassle to do with a curling iron), but the last time i bought something that said it did large waves it did tight kinks instead :'D

:'d i'm gonna try to get up early tomorrow and try it out :o wish me luck!
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