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without love, i mean nothing to you

:'d my mom took me to a purse party today. i stayed in the kitchen and text messeged shufu and simon.

XD then she maxed out my card at walmart, when all i wanted to do was go to the book store. so at the book store she bought me vol. 3-6 or rangarok comic and vol. 4 of the ultimate x men.

<- spent a lot of money today

:o so then i planned to come home and play ff tactics. (XD oh yes, i bought ff tactics for game boy too & one of those things for the gamecube so you can play games on the tv), but i got online and started talking to shufu about what a loser ho simon was and her comic and decided i wanted to draw something (*o*?! wtf? drawing?!) so i drew this:

angel and moon light

i kind of meant to draw some Kingdom Hearts-ish, but chenged my mind (like a ho)
XD i did some crazy stuff with watercolor lines (not like i usually do them) and it came out how i wanted it, which is cool. quicker too.

i have all these ideas for pictures i want to draw, but no real motivation to draw them. but at the same time i feel this compulsion to be drawing XD
i drew some stuff on paper, and its all like crap sketch-y-ness, but i think i will redo it in oekaki and see if it can become cool .. maybe
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