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salad has been synonimous with side dishes for centuries; just ask cleopatra ..

:d i finished buffy: chaos bleeds.

it was fun, but i did not like it as much as the first one.

XD it was really easy to beat, the bosses (what bosses there were) were as killable as the stock vamps and what not. XD i think the harded thing to kill in the game (and did the most damage) was the undead gorilla.

i really wanna see that james marsters interview thats on the ps2 disk :d

XD why doesnt someone upload it already?!

:o sexy vampire tara should have to do some kind of strip tease as an extra too damn it

also, its not exactly the series quality as far as story goes .. it look/felt like this was an idea they kicked around but didn't bother to develop, then someone said lets make it into a game and they just used the general idea and still didn't really develop it XD theres a lot of stuff about the first and whatever that kinda conflicts with the way the series went after season 5. except at te end when ethan eerily croaks "from beneath you it devours" i think had this been actually used as an episode it would have scoped season 6 and ended with the utter destruction of the first and the end of the series.

there should have been something more done with the whole so many saves used and slayer ratings.
XD and better use (control?) of magic and item use. what good is it to break your neck searching for a secret area only to get a hellfire vial that you don't end up using in that episode, and then find out that the goddamn thing doesn't carry over even though story wise you did not have time to store them away somewhere or even just drop them on the ground?

and i'll end with:

:'d there's still no swimming, not to say i want to do a swimming level, but what kind of slayer drowns in a pool?

XD on the dumb multiplayer mode: slayer challenge i played as buffy, willow, xander, and spike and i died after maybe 13 kills. i play as chris (some producer guy from the television show) and i go all the way to 56 kills?! :'D
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