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why was this so hard ..?

o_o;; *eye twitch*

i just spent around 5 or so hours editing the 'style' (or whatever) for this thing, so that it'd look like my webpage, and now i don't even know if i want it to look like that ..

*le sigh*

yea, so today was um, boring and um, many other words that mean boring :D

i drew a picture of a witch in the 'kids room' pchat and then speppa cleared the board while i was coloring, she will die a whole lot. then i signed up for this journal thing, and started working on the 'style' (html makes my brain cry like a girl).

talked to clarion, shufu & silv about what kinda toys we played with when we were little. my little pony and he-man toys were the most fun.

can't really think of anything else. (which is sad)

i could talk about work and stuff, but nothing really interesting happened there today, which was odd *and interesting in itself*

i think the new people might just work out.

oh, today someone called for david, and i had to tell them that he didn't work there anymore, that was sad too.
i hope he comes and visits us every once and awhile, god only knows how long he'll be able to stand all those old woman over in admin. heh ^^;;
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