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more work rant-y junk-y whore-y things i like to say

XD i'm probably going to get into some kind of trouble, but i just reinstalled iRO at work.

the first thing cloryssa said to me when i got in today was that MIS had come over and deleted everything from the computer. but i'm used to that dumb crap, so i don't really keep anything here that i cant replace or get from home. so i sign on and my ragnaraok icon is still there (i aint trying to hide nothing :'D) so i try to open it and its gone, only some .txt junk is left, but all my dumb photo files and mp3s are still there and (*tada~!*) so is the install program for iRO X3!

cloryssa said that the reason MIS came over was cause the computer kept freezing up on people.

XD i felt like saying something smart assed about how it wouldn't freeze up if everyone stopped installing crap like gator and comet curser. it's like these people don't know how to say no to one of those install on demand windows. everynight (no exageration) i run adaware and manually delete so many spyware programs that i should be getting MIS's check.

:') then .. when MIS comes out, i get blamed for all the problems cause i have iRO
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