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write in for a free game peice

XD i feel crappy like i'm getting sick. i aske dmy mom if i had a fever and her hand was like the burning fires of hell upon my skin :'D then she told me i was cold.

:'d i think i have a fever. and that maybe my mom might spontanious combust or something ..

XD so all i wanted was to come home and play iRO, but blah they were down for the night, so i decided to draw something (shufu inspired :o!) but it didn't come out the way i imagined it in my head, which was cool, and what i drew looks like somehting that belongs in the margins of 13 year old girls diary (of doom).

i should have just went to bed and read some book like things.

XD! today, i didn't have to spend any money. my mom's atm/debit thing expired and it took like 2 weeks for her new on to come, so once it arrived she wanted to pay for everything. :o she really isn't used to that, it's weird. :'D so i bought a bunch of books and little headphone/hands free thing for my phone (i didnt notice when i picked it up, but it plays FM radio too)

:d also along the lines of money. my brother has been having this problem with his tax return from last year. the place that did our taxes told him that there was something wrong with his return, so the irs had to evaluate it or something. so this has been going on since april and when ever he calls them they tell him he has to talk to the irs, but to talk to the irs he needs certain info from the tax place and they wont give it to him. XD so he finally got all pissed off and chewed out one of the girls at the tax place and they gave him the info he needed to call the irs.

so he calls the irs and they tell him his return was sent to the tax place over a month ago. XD and the tax place has like set up some kind of bank account in my brothers name over in san diego too. :'d so now my brother has to contact this bank then the tax people again, and if they dont give him his money (some thing like $8,000) i thik he has to contact the irs again, i'm not really sure, but if i don't get some money soon (i lent my brother like $3,000 for school, that he was going to pay me back with his tax return) i'm gonna go kick some brazillian asses :'D
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