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its a sonic powered .. something or other

XD what the fuck? i'm sure you might hear this somewhere else, but again i say "wtf?!"

nbc couldn't even make the attempt to make their version of coupling slightly different?

:'D i'm watching the nbc version on bravo right now, and um last night i watched the exact same thing done 1000 times better by the original british cast.

fucking americans .. :'d

:o! they're getting to the part where whatsherface shows her boob to everyone, maybe since this is american tv they will hav her strip naked and show some full frontal nudity in this version? maybe that is the secret differance? :'D

XD damn it i wanna play ragnarok, but theyre down for weekly maintenance.

ps - the american coupling has un-good looking guys and miss cast girls :'D i hate those bastards

XD you know what this reminds me of? when i was in theatre and everyone got assigned the same couple of one acts and the people who were really into acting did a really good scene, then the slacker losers that only took theatre cause they thought it would be an easy elective get up and do the same exact scene, only .. um not good at all :')

:O! oh wait .. there are two cast members missing? wait, no there they are .. jesus, sally is a slut bag. XD it's like they don't know how to preform as an ensamble cast and those two (who didnt have any lines at the moment) kind of got forgottten (until they had lines again).

eh, i'll shut up and go watch some futurama now :d
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