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the answer is: yes there is.

:d i cleaned some junk today and um made crunchy tacos that were .. weird (i was a total bastard and everything except the tomatoes and lettuce was premade store bought crap).

XD then i played an ass load of iRO!

:') i think .. that maybe buying a halo was a waste of money .. (XD?!?!)
i never wear it cause i have other head gear that actually does stuff instead of just looking cool.

:o so i checked this out: angel's ass cleavage ?! XD but it wasn't as good as i thought it would be :'d (<- those are some real tearZ there, really) XD not like that scene on buffy where he comes back from that hell dimension all naked like anyway.

XD i got distracted by looking for screencaps (didn't there used to be like a million screencap sites? :o or am i just looking in all the wrong places?)

i think i will force myself to take some time and work on that second angel/xander picture on silvs board (>:0!! no more procrastination damn it)

blah blah blah, im off to read some creepy (yet irresistable? :0?!) angel/xander fanfics.
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