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you need to shake what your mama gave you

t(ò_ót ) son of a bitch ..

XD this rookie cop is trying to prove himself by running a lot of traffic, only hes doing it out at our snow mt area where we have like 0 radio reception, so he's trying to call into me and i can hear him ok, but he can't hear me.

so .. instead of getting on his cell phone and calling me, he spends 5 minutes being an ass and repeatedly calling over the radio.
>:0 so then i have to scramble around for his dumb cell number so i can call him, and while i'm looking the goddamn lieutenant (who has nothing better to do then listen in on radio traffic) radios in on the other channel to tell me i have a call coming in on the other channel XD well fuck, i must be fucking incompetant cause i can't hear the radio that sits less then a foot away from me .. :x (<- is actually filled with a real burning, loathing, hate right now)

XD oh man! jesus loves me. this guy from the clubhouse just called and made an ass out of himself .. XD i'd repeat the conversation here, but it's kinda dumb and racist .. it was really cool for the moment though (î u î ) ;
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