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you are so fired

and because i have nothing better to do ..

speedo ver 3 .. oh yes :d

old ver blah blah blah

i don't know which i like better

(ToT ) i have this little tiny headache behind/above my right eye and my diaphram hurts, its all adding up to the burning love of jesus ..

XD i put some dumb word filter things on my trillian, they're awesome.

[ 00:31:33 ] yume: i want to spank jesus christ im going to bed at 10am XD
[ 00:31:38 ] shufu :o!: :'D damn you
[ 00:31:42 ] shufu :o!: whore
[ 00:31:54 ] shufu :o!: you should just not sleep and then not go to work :)
[ 00:32:04 ] shufu :o!: i am so aw craping smart :'D

what i said: jesus christ im going to bed at 10am XD
what shufu said: i am so fucking smart :'D

[ 01:06:17 ] shufu :o!: i died a little while you were gone
[ 01:06:25 ] yume: XD i think i need to put out a memo about not being dumb on the internet and running adaware every day
[ 01:06:30 ] shufu :o!: :'d but then i read that dumb cunty whore simon's journal..and all was right
[ 01:06:33 ] shufu :o!: :'D

what shufu said: :'d but then i read simon's journal..and all was right

[ 02:29:21 ] yume: i missed it
[ 02:29:25 ] yume: oh wait
[ 02:29:29 ] ねむい: oh my gay i want to spank jesus~
[ 02:29:34 ] ねむい: ;___;
[ 02:29:41 ] yume: XD

what shufu said: omg jesus..i love it

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