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who has time for tears?

XD my head hurts really really bad, and not in the good sexy way.

:o i made an icon though, so yay me

aim icon ashton kutcher hot underware

same thing, but lj sized:
lj icon - ashton kutcher underware hottie

:'d i love this picture, just cause its dumb

ashton kutcher underwear

ps - has anyone seen american psycho? XD i stayed up really late one night to watch american psycho part 2 and liked it (:o don't be hatin') and i was wondering if the first one was good. neither one really sounded like something i would purposley watch, but like i said i liked the second one, so the first one should be better, right?

pps - http://www.livejournal.com/users/mao/121314.html XD wtf? some of the reviews are just dumber then simon .. especially the guy that kept saying he couldn't distinguish between the characters >:0 your mamma can't distingiush booty, ho!
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