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never felt so lonely -- then you came along

:d more icon-y goodness


if anyone wants an icon, lemme know. i feel like being productive and giving (jigga-wha :O!?)

blah blah blah

i talked to simon on the phone last night. he's such a dumb bastard :'D his little sister monica wanted to say high to me (we're prolly better friends then me and simon XD) so then we got to talking shit about what a loser simon is (<- :o i am teh bestest freind, ever!!) and she didn't know about him being a dirty new mexico pedophile, so i told her that his boyfreind was like 16 XD then! that ho simon got back on the phone and called me a bastard.

:'d he told me his 'boyfreind-thing' used to go out with monica's best freind, sandy. XD so i told him he was a bastard for keeping devious lies (about sleeping with children) :o then that slut bag tried to get all serious and have a debate about the definition of lying. so i skooled that whore and made a little bit of his soul die.

XD then he said it wasn't any business of monica's to know who his boyfreind-thing was .. but.. they live in new mexico, the population is like what? 10 people, 5 cows, 34 chickens and a sheep for ever every male age 12-70? XD she prolly see's this guy like 50 times a day before breakfast. so how could she not know? simon isn't exactly big with the braincells. :'D i can imagine him bringing this boy-thing home and making out with him in front of everyone then try to explain it away as a cpr demonstration (fo'realZ)

:o then some wacky stuff happened, but i forget what exactly.

XD wait, i kinda remember, so then that ho is all like "well can you honestly say that you wouldn't be upset if i started dating someone you had broken up with?"
so i was like "well if i broke up with them, it obviously meant that i didn't want to be with them. and they have to be with someone else, so no, it wouldn't be the end of my world exactly." (or something like that) XD i mean, yea i might question the relationship, but obviously there's gonna be something worthwhile about the guy that got me to go out with him in the first place right? :'D it's not like im gonna hook up with just any looser so i can put another messy breakup under my belt.

eh, so then i was going to remind simon about gilbert. who was this guy that monica dated for like 2 weeks. they broke up, and then me and him started to see each other (in a very strange, not dating, but there really isn't another word for it, but dating, kind of way). and me and monica didn't have some huge fight or cry like dumb girls named simon. XD and i didn't try to keep it from her or anything. i told her from the get go that he had been calling me and that we were gonna go do stuff together.

bleh, anyway ..

:o? does that make me llike a ho or something like i have less morals then normal?

>:0 or does that make me kickass!?!?
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