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:o morigale over at OC sent a link out to this place.

XD jesus wanted me to see these card things, really.

:') i knew he cared ..

:o does this person live in las vegas?
<- lives next to a horrible trailer park place named shady acres :'D

i think i want to do a contest on the OC community page where people make up white cards. :d

XD some guy in the OC chat is trying to saw the bedroom gets more male/male (or male only) images then anything else, and he is "sick of seeing guy parts in there =p" and since i have nothing better to do, i counted :'D

there are a total of 14 male/male, male only images in the first 5 pages of the bedroom.
there are a total of 36 male/female, female/female, female alone images in the first 5 pages of the bedroom ..

:d who's really suffering here?
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