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:d i drew two pictures today!

XD well one is an icon, but i still drew the bastard. so here goes.

super speedo !!


inuyasha all unclothed

:d i should have spent today judging my contest in the dojo, but i'm being really slow about it for some reason. i'm pretty sure i already know who the winners are, i just have to draw a picture announcing them, though i could just email everyone i guess ..

:o holy jesus, i got the new buffy game

buffy choas bleeds

:'d so cool. i played for like 4 hours last night. at first i didn't think i was going to like the multiplayer (when only one player is playing) thing, but it's kind of fun after a while. i kept dying when i got to willows part in the wharehouse district. i don't think you get any EXP or anything, so i don't think your stats go up, XD so they should give you all the spells at once or atleast the sheild one (:'D what kind of magick defense book doesn't have a sheild spell in it?). but i could be wrong. the systems really different from the first game. i think the number of times you save the game counts against you now (like resident evil) and you get a kind of rank after every section you finish that tells you how good you are at being a slayer. my rank dropped when i did willows section.

XD oh! man, the girl doing willows voice is really annyoing. it's like the only thing they gave her to study allyson's voice was american pie. she sounds really .. dumb .. a lot. i kind of expect her to start talking about her flute when she fights. :'d the girl doing buffy's voice is pretty much the same, not as good as in the first game, but not on the same level of weird as willows voice.

:d there's also some issues with fighting, but it could just be me. i always end up attacking an empty space next to or behind me instead of the bad guy (who is usually standing right next to me kinda watching me attack nothing). i think it's cause i move the camera angles a lot (a lot, a lot).

i've been reading black house for a while now, very slowly, mostly before i fall to bed and it finally started to get good XD not that it was bad (other wise i prolly would have stopped reading) it was just kind of slow going.

does anyone know, is it connected to the dark tower series, or just the talisman? or both? :'d i haven't read any new stephen king since i was a freshman in highschool really, well besides dreamcatcher.

ps - i made this icon from something i did in a pchat once

bastard !!

:'d it's straight from my soul ..
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