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love was never meant to be such a crazy affair

:d wtf-jesus?! XD i am not tired .. but! my first instinct was to say 'jeezy creezy i am tired'
<- feels like a loser or simon or something

maybe not really, who knows anymore.

so i drew this:

guy in speedos

for a contest i'm holding on OC. OC is so weird anymore. there were only 11 people on the other night. and today the chat is empty. maybe OC doesn't have much longer in this world? :o! that's sad, somehow. :'D i don't really care for uriel and i haven't been at OC as long as some of the users, but it was a semi-major part of my life for a while. it is sad to think that one day it won't be there and people will reffer to it as 'that oekaki place' or something, but they won't really remember it.

:d so today i have made myself a little todo list in my brain.

it kind goes like this:

> finish my profile for bishoujo.net
> make some new LJ icons (maybe just one)
> draw something cool (or die trying)
> do work at work? ;__;
> slap a whore
> work on builtondreams or poke out my eyes

mostly i think i will work on my profile and then draw something for shufu.

:'d i was going to write some junk up here about some of the people that de-friended me, but i think .. it may come across as too bitchy, and i don't really feel bitchy towards them. it's mostly just stuff that i've been mulling over (pre- the nudity) that i never really found a way to express the way i wanted.

things have kind of gone back to normal since my grandpa died. my room still is not clean. i can't find the momentum anymore. XD and it is so close to being clean. i just have to like finished putting some books in order, pick up (sort?) one tiny pile of paper and wires & move my dresser and it's all done.

i want to become a paranormal investigator and be paid to look for ghosts and jesus. or i want to be one of those people behind the camera on tv shows and stuff making sure that shows get done (mostly i want this job cause it would require wearing an abnormal amount of black clothing). i don't know what i want really.

maybe i want to be a bride?! :o a damn lazy bride.

bleh i think i am done .. :D

ps - like my new icon :d?
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