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sometimes i get tired of walking through these ordinary days ..


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:d so my grandpa died yesterday. but .. i never really acknowledged him as my grabdfather. so it's like .. no big loss.
:o! could it be i really am heartless and inhuman like i've been told?

eh, who cares, i suppose.

yes, so simon left (a couple of days ago) there was simon-induced-drama, it got ugly. in a quiet kind of way. everyone parted on bad terms whether they knew it or not.
then that bitch had the nerve to call me the next day and ask me to get involved with some crazy domestic dispute his little sister is creating. i told him i didn't want to get involved and he tried to lay a guilt trip on me, but there isn't a wrong i could do that would ever make me feel bad for simon.

:'d more crappy news (not really, but to an outsider it prolly looks/sounds crappy) the roadtrip is off. somethings (which i sort of forsaw) wen't down. i feel bad and good for kawa. it sucks that all her plans fell through, but it's good that she hasn't trapped her self in an ugly situation.
the only thing is .. i don't know if anyone has kept remy. XD i feel bad for her too, always one step behind (where this trip was concerned).

:O! oh, i almost forgot. i did a tarot spread for myself and i was going to put it up here to see if anyone who read cards could give me some interpritations.
lemme see if i can find my cards again .. :'d they have a way of only showing up when they want to be read.

first, while i was shuffling The Death card flew out of the deck at me.

The Death

then i did a three card spread:

The Eight of Cups The Hermit The Star

:d i'll leave it up to you to decide if they were upright or reveresed.
XD! what does it all mean?!
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