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i'm in love and always will be

:d i drew this

xander-type-guy poolside

all in solids.

i feel so cool :'D (<- lame-o)

t(*o* t ) why am i so tired?

:'d my brother joined weightwatchers (or something) and he's all like dying. :'D he got mad at me cause the other day there was celery sticks out, so i took one, and it was like his snack (there had to be like 10 med sized sticks) and he said i was trying to starve him or something cause i took his celery stick. XD! then, my mom woke up and she said "lets go get jack in the box" :'D
:o so today my mom tried to tell me to eat a salad (she's eating salads with my brother) and i told her i didn't want a salad. XD so then she tells me all she cooked for dinner was porkshops and salads (wtf? XD) so i told her i still didn't want a salad. so then my brother brought me two tupperware things to work, and i thought they were both porkchops, and i thought maybe my mom was trying to be a ho or something by sending me a million porkchops (XD!) so i ate a porkchop and left the others to the side, then she calls me about an hour or two later and asks me if i like the potatoes.
:'D so im like .. um alzhiemers, you made porkchops, remember? XD so then she tells me that the second container had some potatoes in it so that i wouldn't only have porkchops for dinner.

<- is such a bastard :'d
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