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you shot me ..

:d i found a new toy-type-thing to keep me occupied.


i've decided to make a buffy rpg (like final fantasy 1 or that sailor moon rpg) it's kind of a head ache, since i know nothing about nothing when it comes to this program (i know a little now, but only cause i've been reading and experimenting for about half a week), but i think .. i may be able to do it. it'll take some time though, maybe a lot of time :'D but it's something i want to do (and not only half do like a bunch of other stuff i start). i need someone who's good at pixel art. i need some animated gifs of characters walking (left and right, up and down ect) and maybe some stuff like walls and whatever. i've tried making some things myself, but i can never get things to look right. (my .gifs of buffy walking made it look like her arms where broken at the elbow :'D)

not much else has been happening for me.

my friend simon came to visit and ended up staying. he's such a simon. :'D i think it will be cool though. i feel really bad for him for being in such a suck-y situation with work. :'d i told him he should just stay in nevada and get his nursing license for this state or go back to the gap. or something, anything other then new mexico .. :d nothing good can come from that state (lol).

XD speaking of GAPs we went to like 5 of the the other day. it was insane (really, there was loss of sanity)

oke, so we go to this GAP up in summerlin that's supposed to be the premier GAP in all of las vegas according to the companies standards. it was a gross little store (boutique?) in a shopping mall with poor lighting overaged employees and a lot of lint (fo'realZ there was a rack of black shirts and it was covered in big white balls of lint. lint the size of nickels, no lie). anyway, so we're in there cause simon's friend barb or shelly or somehting, i forget -- yes, so she works there and he wanted to talk to her about getting a job, only she's off. so this guy recognizews simon cause they used to work together in the forum about 2000 years ago and they talk and whatever. XD so then we're looking at crap and all the employees keep coming up to us and asking if we need help (way more then usual) and they all like keep saying hi to simon (XD) so i told him they prolly thought he was a spy for the company come to check up on them and the store :'D
yes, so this one girl in particular comes up and she's acting like simon and her are best friend (BFF!) so she eventually leaves and we do some more browseing and eventually simon decides to get some t-shirt things. so we're at the register paying and the manager lady is there and she's talking to simon and simon mentions that the companies sizes must have gone down cause when he left las vegas he fit a medium/large and now that he's back he has to buy a XXL -- so the creepy blonde girl that was all over simon is at the next register and she says "nu uh."

:'D it was the best part of the whole day.

so here's a little platform game i made just now a vampire in love

left arrow = left
right arrow = right
up arrow = jump (or climb ladders/vines)
space bar = to shoot (have to be facing in the direction you want to shoot)

the object of the game is to free xander (who is imprisoned behind a spell wall at the top of a high platform) to do this you have to collect all the (secret japanese luv-)love notes from xander (little note pads with cats on them, there's about 5 or 6 i think.)
you have to avoid some stuff too, like buffy (who shows up three times, i suggest shooting her) and some floor spikes.

XD you can either jump on top of buffy (like you jump on mushrooms in mario bros.) or shoot her with a flying hamster of love (oh yea, i went there! :O)
to fire your love hamsters you have to pick up some neko-breads. you get 10 hamsters per loaf of bread.

XD how insane does that all sound?

:'d i set it up so that there can be new levels (when i make them) so there might be a second release :'D
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