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nothing ever changes

i just got really tired all of a sudden.
sometimes i get so tired of my body always failing me :'D

so, i am sitting here at work, at 2am. eating chocolate ice cream (the good kind) and thinking about how i shouldn't be eating this icecream because of diabetes (see above about, bastard body). i wanna draw a picture for shufu, but i can't wrap my head around it just yet.

we've been sending each other text messages on our cell phones lately, but my phone doesn't alert me when i get text messeges, so i've been missing a lot and replying a long time later. my phone is such a bastard :o (<- has used the word bastard like 300 times today alone).

so simon is leaving on wednesday. we planned this whole day of doing stuff today, but everyone stayed in bed too late and then no one wanted to get up. so we ended up seeing a late movie (my bosses daughter) at the texas before i had to come into work. it's weird having him back, i call him a lot of names and tell him he is full of whores, it's not like it used to be, but i can't exactly stop either. he says that he's going to move back for sure in november. but who knows if that's true.

i don't understand why he doesn't come back now. there's nothing keeping him in new mexico anymore. he lost his job, his house, his licenses, and his hair (XD). i guess it's nice that he has some hope that his appeal will go through and everything will be reveresed. if it had happened to me, i would have just come home and started over again. :'D screw new mexico.

anyway, i'm almost finished with silent hill 3 :D:D:D:D:D! XD it's just like silent hill 2 really, only new main character and like 3 new settings (the mall, the sewer & the dark chapel area) and new (harder monsters) only .. the plot is silent hill 1 related, nothing from silent hill 2. i read through some faqs and walkthroughs that said if you have saved data from older silent hill games on your memory card there's some small mentions of silent hill 2, but nothing showed up for me :'d
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