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if there's a reason it's lost on me

:d this song always makes me feel better, even when i don't feel bad.

i never write anything worth while here anymore. it's so sad .. so sad, that maybe i should eat a cookie? :o ?? ?!

XD simon might be moving back, what a bag of hos that's going to be. but it will prolly be cool in it's own simon-y way. he's coming up for a visit or something today, i wanna see if he was lying about being thin or not. if he is thin, i will throw dirt in his eyes and bad-mouth his mother. if he is not thin, i will only throw dirt in his eyes.

i feel all bleh and fat, even though i've lost like 20-25 pounds (with out even trying! :o) we went out to redrock (or somewhere with a mountain) and hiked with the kids, it was fun, but then when it came time to climb back up to the car it was all like nearly blacking out and throwing up (we decided to not take the trail and just walk up the side of the mountain thing :d). it was still fun though, after that we drove down the "scenic drive" thing some more to a picnic area and ate sandwhiches and drank a lot of soda and water, then hiked some more. :D <-- does not learn
this time we only climbed on some big rocks and sat in the shade though. and me and the kids found some indian paint (this red powder that my tribe uses in ceremonies and blessings) and we collected some. XD it was messy, and we ended up with more of it on us then in our little bottle cap (it's like a deep red blush and is hard to get off). my mom made everyone wash up before we could get back in the car :'D luckily i had only gotten it on my hands though.

My LiveJournal Sitcom
Bringing Up yume (FOXFAM, 10:30): yume (Matthew Lillard) takes toravisu (David Boreanaz) bowling. Then, amphetamine42 (Lyle Lovett) burns nakedboyparts (Vincent Price)'s 8-track player. On the other side of town, donnerparty (Greg Kinnear) makes konirocherries (Sharon Stone) look stupid in front of a large crowd at a hotel. Later that day, artistgonenuts (Jean Claude van Damme) marries cattchan (Scott Bakula)'s enemy. That night, silentromance (Elvis Presley) discovers that bizzaro_clarion (Pamela Anderson Lee) is taking Lovecraftian horror lessons. Insanity ensues.
What's Your LiveJournal Sitcom? (by rfreebern)

XD there should really be a show like this, and shufu could do cool ass cameos

:3 i just got done talking to remy about the roadtrip thing we're doing with kawa (and some other things) it's really weird how splintered our little group has become (on the inside). i'm really close to kawa and remy, and i've kind of close with noah, more close with noah then i am with say dustin, tro, or misa. i used to think i was close to kat, but .. bleh i got to talking to shufu in an IM and lost my train of thought.

My LiveJournal Sitcom
Bringing Up yume (FOXFAM, 10:30): yume (Matthew Lillard) auditions for a movie starring opposite psychodragon82 (Richard Pryor). The next day, tsaoshin (Laura Bertram) accidentally scratches sukibean (John Barrymore)'s favorite couch. Later, zenia_wulfe (Jeremy Irons) burns ine (Cary Grant)'s printer. Upstairs, kawa_kawa (Bruce Campbell) hypnotizes yaoumei (Emma Watson) but it doesn't work. Later that day, shufu (Gary Oldman) hits on chiichan (Patricia Arquette)'s co-worker. Everyone learns a valuable lesson.
What's Your LiveJournal Sitcom? (by rfreebern)

:0 jesus christ, kawa's heart stopped.
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