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when the working day is done, girls just wanna have fun..

Take the Which Madonna Video Are You? Quiz

---changed my hairstyle---

Take the Which Madonna Video Are You? Quiz

(edit* the second one actually came out as bedtime stories madonna, somehow i got the wrong banner. maybe someone's trying to tell me something ..)

i got up around 4 today, im so gonna be late to work tomorrow ..
watched some tv, drove my niece to get my mom some popsicles (for her sore throat). >.< dove over to the atm to deposit some money, and found out that someone had taken my bankcard and hadn't put it back.
um, ate some hamburger macaroni that my mom made (it was actually really good *for once* :x) watched some tv. played some mario sunshine :D

um, yea i think thats all so far..
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