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uh huh, yea ..

:l i just finished clock tower 2 (the struggle ..)

XD jesus christ these games just make less and less sense the further along in the series you get. also, to achieve the best ending, you pretty much have to have been one of the people who designed the game. some of the bullshit you have to do is just ridiculous and the average gamer (or any sane person placed in the same situation, as unlikely as that may be) would never even conceive of doing. an example:

you go into a room full of severed hands and a cursed statue (that you destroyed in the very beginning of the game, but what the hell, lets bring it back just for shits and giggles ..) and you suddenly decide "oh yea .. i haven't turned into my wise ass counter part, split personality for some time, lemme hide my magical amulet behind these severed hands (which any 13 year old girl should be totally used to seeing)" XD wait it gets better.
so you hide the goddamn amulet, and go out and willing let yourself get attacked by a zombie .. but not just any zombie, oh no, it has to be the special zombie that's somehow got itself locked in a locker that's barely big enough to fit you (and remember you are a itsy 13 year old girl) .. bleh so now you are 'possessed' by bates (who actually is pretty cool and pretty much made the game worth playing cause he is such a goddamn wise ass (or as wise assed as you can be for being in a pg13 game), anyway) so now that you are bates it's time to go talk to your dad (who doesn't give a damn that you've been wandering around a zombie infested hospital all night, he's too busy playing tetris or soemthing on the computer) XD so then you go get your amulet to turn back to normal (you have to be normal for this next cut scene or you don't get the A ending .. actually pretty much anything that i describe that sounds dumb you absolutly have to do to get the A ending) so you watch the cut scen .. then! you go hide your amulet again, find another zombie and turn back to bates, you kill the zombie and go back to get your amulet again to turn back normal. (but thats not the end) XD then you go walk through a door or somthing (again .. you have to be normal for the A ending) once through the door the first time, turn around and go hide your amulet again ..
and even though there are like a hundred places to hide your amulet in the game, you can only hide it in this one room for the A ending .. :'D
yes, so hide the goddamn thing again, find another zombie turn to bates, do something lame (all for the A ending) then go back and get your goddamn amulet XD

all this crap happens in the "last 10 minutes" of the game, which really takes around an hour cause you have to go back and forth hiding and retrieving the goddamn amulet, whic isn't even really explained at the end of the game

oh yea and there's this cop or ninja or maybe he's a rogue demon hunter, who the fuck knows anymore, i don't even remember when or where he first appears in the game, he's just there all of a sudden and i think he is like your love interest even though he's prolly like 15 years older then you :'D anyway, there's one point in the game where you're running around either looking for zombies or running from them where he is just standing there :'D wtf? i'm a 13 year old girl and through out the game i come across like 7 adults and none of them ever try to help me, there's something wrong with that XD some of them do ask you to leave with them, but if you do you don't get the A ending .. plus they appear again in the game so what good is leaving with them going to do when they don't really leave ??

XD yes, so, im done bitching

in all it was an alright game, but i don't think it should have been sold as a clocktower game, even though the first game has absolutly nothing to do with a clock tower, it atleast had some semi-supernatural plot points (even if they were later dismissed as ass-junk .. even after the bad guy *who is not a demon, but just a normal human* gets magickly sucked into a door to hell :'D) clocktower 2 starts out with like curses and evil spirits that posses children, but then after like 15 minutes you're in a totally diffarent area and you're fighting zombies, not magic demon zombies, but chemically created zombies with parasite brains in their asses.
if the game had stayed in the house (it was a nice sized house, i didn't even have to go into 1/3 of the rooms to get past that stage) and kept a supernatural plot, then it would have been better.

:d also, the game needs a better way to regain HP or more HP period, you only get 2HP (for thw whole game) and only like 1 med kit (in the whole game) and there's like 20 different spots where you have to purposly sacrifice an HP to become bates, the only thing that saves you is that retarting and saving doesn't count against you and when you restart you're given back 1HP.

XD also, since the bad guy (who was a silent hill 2 rip off and would have been cooler *scarier* as the scissor man from the first clocktower) isn't a mosnter or demon, when you shoot him he should die .. even if it ruins the ending. it makes no sense that i (a 13 year old girl) can shoot him like twice at point blank range in the face with a shot gun and all i do is slow him down, when two adults (one of them dying) kill him with 2 stupid regular bullets fired from far away .. <- i would lj-cut that cause it sounds like a spoiler, but unless you have the guide, you're never gonna get that ending so :'D and if you have the guide it tells you he gets shot twice then dies ..

:'d oke, i think im going to bed now .. tomorrow i will start clocktower three and it better be better then i remember it the last time i played it

oh yea .. the way you move in clocktower1&2 is really dumb too, im glad the controls in 3 allow you to actually move around with a joystick thing and not a mouse cursor :'D
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