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the afternoon off

XD i got this dumbass pimple on my lip (it's miniscule but!), it's making my lip swell up like i got punched.
:'D so i told my mom that my brother punched me and she got all mad at him, it was awesome. but then i told the truth . :d

XD riah finally brought my buffy game back and we set up the stupid huge xbox and got the codes out to unlock the arena mode. then we played as dark slayers and fought like dirty hos. :D it was awesome! :o supposedly once you unlock arena mode you can play any character within the actual game itsefl, but i think that might just be booty talk, but i haven't really tried. from what i read playing as a scooby isn't all that since they can only punch and kick and even then only about once every 5 seconds. it all sounds like a quick messy death, esp. since when i play as buffy i usually run around with 10% of my health bar and beat bosses on empty by running away a lot :'D

we think we can finish the game now, since getting past the dark slayer was all that was holding us back, and we both kicked her ashy grey ass :D! (X3! we think killing her involves a kind of choke hold that is actually pretty useful on any baddy, but seems to kill slayers dead when HP is nil)

:o i started drawing the second angel/xander picture, but i think i might trash it and restart, its not coming out the way i sketched it on paper.

XD more buffy crap: i finished the novel chosen and watched the last two episodes of buffy (end of days and chosen) while i read those two chapters. it was pretty cool :d

XD i guess thats enough for now ..
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