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XD some conversations i've had with my brother:

him: hey i was on the computer! you better had not of closed anything..
me: i closed everything .. everything! (i didn't close anything :'D)
(he comes over and starts punching me in the back)
me: XD stop it you bastard.
him: i'm massaging your back. (he starts poking me really hard around the shoulders)
me: stop, you're hitting a bone or something it hurts.
him: you can feel bones?!
me: i'm not a fat ass like you :'D

him: hey look over there! (he points to where arbys used to be)
me: goddamn those bastards for tearing down my arbys ..
him: maybe they're going to make it bigger with a drive through?
me: i hope they make it bigger .. and more delicious ..
him: yea, bigger and more delicious. ... bigger and more .. delicious?
me: yes .. delicious ..
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